AKANA Membership


What is AKANA?

American Karate Academies National Association was founded by GM Jerry Piddington. SideKick Karate of Salisbury is a chartered lifetime member of AKANA, along with karate academies across the United States. AKANA endorses all American Open Karate certifications.

  • Kyu Rank Certification (below Black Belt) 
  • Dan Rank Certification (Black Belt)
  • Title Certification (Tashi, Renshi, Kyoshi, Hanshi)
  • Teaching Credential Title Certification (Sensei, Shihan)
  • Proclamation of Style Certification (Heads of System)

Why join AKANA?

Students are required to join this organization to receive rank certification endorsed by GM Piddington. When a student joins AKANA or renews their AKANA membership, they receive an AKANA patch and AKANA membership certificate. Members are also eligible to test in an annual AKANA Tomoe Warrior Exam and AKANA Sun & Moon Test, which are required for certain belt ranks.

What AKANA memberships are available?

  • School Charter Membership for dojo owners.
  • Individual Membership for Mudansha (below Black Belt) students.
  • Individual Membership for Yudansha (Black Belt) students.
  • Lifetime Membership.

When do students join AKANA?

AKANA membership dues are based on belt rank. Students are required to join AKANA or renew their AKANA memberships before they are promoted to certain belt ranks in American Open Karate.

  • Beginner Membership:  (Due at Yellow Belt/9th Kyu)
  • Intermediate Membership:  (Due at Green Belt/6th Kyu)
  • Advanced Membership:  (Due at Red Belt/3rd Kyu
  • Black Belt Membership:  (Each Degree/1st-9th Dan)

What schools can join AKANA?

Any dojo that would like to be a part of GM Jerry Piddington's American Karate Lineage is given the opportunity to join AKANA. There are two types of school charter memberships.

  • Associated School Charter (schools that teach common kata of Hanshi Piddington's American Open Style Karate, sanctified by O'Sensei Robert Trias under the U.S.K.A. in 1972)
  • Affiliated School Charter (schools that teach any legitimate system of martial arts)

Where are AKANA dues paid?

AKANA dues are processed at your AKANA chartered dojo. If a student does not belong to an AKANA dojo where rank is obtained, they can mail their application directly to AKANA Headquarters listed below. AKANA applications can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. Students and school owners can also go to the SHOP link on this website to purchase patches.


3114 Old Military Rd.

Central Point Oregon  97502


Mudansha AKANA Patches

Beginner Level Membership


At Yellow Belt (9th Kyu)

Intermediate Level Membership


At Green Belt (6th Kyu)

Advanced Level Membership


At Red Belt (3rd Kyu)

Yudansha AKANA Patches

Black Belt Level Membership


Shodan (Jr./Adv. Jr. Black Belts) 

Nidan Level Membership


Nidan/Teaching Credentials  

Sandan Level Membership


 Sandan/Teaching Credentials