About Us

Ricky and Randy Smith


Ricky and Randy Smith, founders of SideKick Karate, are 8th degree black belts in American Open Karate.  They opened their first karate school and began teaching in 1976.  Named The Gold Dust Twins by Karate Illustrated Magazine, Ricky and Randy were two of the top ranked fighters in the world and were crowned tag-team world kickboxing champions by the NKA in 1977.  They were inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 1994 as Instructors of the Year.

American Open Karate


We teach the American Open Karate System which is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles including Karatedo, Jiu-Jitsu, and Kobudo (weaponry such as the bo staff, nunchaku, tonfa, kama, and sai).  AOKS consist of learning martial art basics (blocking, striking, kicking, joint locking, sweeping, and throwing), self-defense techniques against any strike or grab, kata (traditional art forms), and sport karate (point karate, continuous sparring, and kickboxing).

American Karate Academies


We are a proud lifetime member of AKANA which was founded by 10th Dan Grandmaster Jerry C. Piddington.  Hanshi Dan McCall, 9th Dan, is the President of AKANA and Kyoshi Ricky Smith, 8th Dan, serves as the Chief Instructor of AKANA.  Every member of SideKick Karate can apply for an AKANA membership and receive a patch and certificate signed by Grandmaster Piddington, Hanshi McCall and Kyoshi Smith.  For more information, visit www.akana.org