2020 summer Camp

Martial Arts Camp with Discipline & Fun

Kick in the SUMMER at SideKick Karate of Salisbury with our Summer Camp.  We are going to have a BLAST.  Come join our SideKick Karate family for good structured activities such as swimming, skating, hiking, field trips, skill drills, games, community service, civic education, kickbox fitness, karate, weapons, etc.  This is not a baby sitting is a martial arts and activity camp.  Our professional staff of Black Belts provide a safe environment of Discipline and Fun!

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SideKick Karate Dojo of Salisbury, NC

520 South Main Street, Salisbury, North Carolina 28144, United States


Class Schedule

We make classes exciting and fun while maintaining structure and discipline. Our classes are Monday-Saturday and students are encouraged to attend at least 2-3 classes per week. We have a theme for each day of the week allowing students the opportunity to review or focus on specific material.  Click here for detailed schedule of classes with times and ages. 

Head Instructors

Ricky Smith performing flying side kick on Randy Smith

Ricky & Randy Smith

Founders/Head Instructors of SideKick Karate
World Kickboxing Champions/Ranked 3rd in the USA & 10th in the world

Featured in Karate Illustrated Magazine as Gold Dust Twins
9th Degree Black Belt & Headmaster of American Open Karate System

Chief Instructors of American Karate Academies National Association (AKANA)

Inducted as Living Legends of Sport Karate by The National Sport Karate Museum

Inducted into the (first) Legends of Carolina Martial Arts  (class of 2017)

Received The Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award (only 50 in 50 year history of sport karate)

Title of Kyoshi (Headmaster Teacher) signed by grandmasters/champions such as Chuck Norris

Click here for more on Ricky & Randy Smith



GM Jerry Piddington, Hanshi

10th Degree Black Belt Grandmaster
Founder of American Karate Academies National Association (AKANA)
Founder of American Open Style Karate

Headmaster of American Shorei/Shorin Karatedo
Inducted into Living Legends alongside Joe Lewis and Howard Jackson
Inducted into Masters Hall of Fame alongside Mike Stone
Recipient of Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award alongside Bill Wallace and Jeff Smith

Click here for more about Hanshi Piddington

SideKick Karate Commercial

Check out our SideKick Karate After-School Commercial!

SideKick Karate "Kaizen" Program

Thank you Fred Simms for producing this documentary on our SideKick Karate "Kaizen" Program, featuring Henderson Independent High School, sponsored by the Salisbury/Rowan School System.

Bloodsport 2 Kumite Fight

Check out Ricky Smith, head instructor/owner of SideKick Karate of Salisbury, portraying a traditional fighter in the movie Bloodsport 2: The Next Kumite (1996).

founder transfers style to smith twins

Ricky Smith, 61 years old, performs flying sidekick against his teacher, Jerry Piddington, 76 years

Ricky Smith, 61 years old, performs flying side kick with his teacher, Jerry Piddington, 76 years old


Owners of Sidekick Karate receive major award