Ricky & Randy Smith

Founders of SideKick Karate Dojos & American Open Karate System, World Champion Kickboxers, 8th Dan

Martial Arts Background: (Click on underlined text for more information)  

  • Over forty years of martial art teaching experience.
  • 8th Degree Black Belts/American Open Style Karate/Grandmaster Jerry Piddington
  • 8th Degree Black Belts/American Jee Do Kwan Karate/Grandmaster Dave Adams
  • 5th Degree Black Belts/American Karate Systems/Grandmaster Joe Lewis
  • 5th Degree Black Belts/Okinawan Shuri-ryu Karate-do/Hanshi John Pachivas. 
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt/Shurite Ju-jitsu/Kyoshi Troy Price.
  • Ranked 10th in the World & 3rd in U.S.A. in Kickboxing/NKA/1977. 
  • World Tag Team Kickboxing Champions/NKA/1977 & 1978. 
  • Members of undefeated kickboxing team - The Charlotte Warhawks.   
  • Featured in Karate Illustrated Magazine as Gold Dust Twins/June 1977.  
  • Inducted into World Martial Arts Hall of Fame/Instructors of the Year/1994. 
  • Kata Grand Champion/World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Championships/1994. 
  • Seventeen Kata Tomoe Warrior Award (first out of only eleven) presented by Hanshi Piddington/1997. 
  • Pinnacle Tomoe Warrior Award presented by Hanshi Piddington (only six), highest honor of American Karate Academies National Association (AKANA)/2000 
  • Founders of SideKick Karate & SideKick MMA franchise with schools presently located in China Grove, Salisbury, and Concord.
  • Promoters of Living Legends Celebrity Roast honoring Hanshi Piddington along with the greatest fighters and martial artist of our era such as Howard Jackson, Joe Lewis, Jeff Smith, Don Wilson, & Bob Wall/2003.
  • Voted History General for Museum of Sport Karate/Inducted as Living Legends of Sport Karate/2003.
  • Chief Instructor of American Karate Academies National Association.
  • Founders of American Open Karate System/Proclaimed Headmaster by A.K.A.N.A./2012.
  • Inducted into the (first) Legends of Carolina Martial Arts in Columbia, S.C./Class of 2017. 
  • Published in Who's Who in the Martial Arts/2017 Edition.
  • First to implement an after-school martial arts program in Rowan County/Fall 2017.
  • First to implement a martial arts program with Salisbury/Rowan School System for At Risk Kids/January 2018.
  • Received The Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award by Bill Wallace and Jeff Smith (only 100 in 50 year history of sport karate), highest martial art fighting award in Professional Karate Association (PKA)/June 2018  (Read Salisbury Post Article)
  • Creators of Get Started in Karate instructional video series.  
  • Authors of three volumes of American Open Karate Illustrated Training Manual from White Belt to 2nd Degree Black Belt endorsed by A.K.A.N.A. 

Charitable Activities:  

  • Founders of Double Impact Ministries involved in nationwide youth outreach.
  • Founders of Double Impact Karate Team - Kicking Drugs Out of America, actively involved in the N.C. School System.  
  • Founders and promoters of Bushido Warrior Sparring Tournament as fundraiser for Godstock since 2004 raising over $100,000.00. 
  • Founders and promoters of China Grove 5K Challenge as fundraiser for YMCA Youth Camp since 2000.


  • Angel With A Kick - A Dave Adams Film starring Thomas La Puppet and Ricky & Randy Smith.
  • The Quest - A Universal Picture starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Roger Moore.  Ricky was a stuntman and portrayed a pirate.
  • Bloodsport II: The Next Kumite  - An FM Entertainment Production starring Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi) and  Daniel Bernhardt.  Ricky portrayed a fighter in The Kumite.
  • The Russian Godfather - A Hollywood Star Entertainment Production starring Jeff Conaway.  Ricky and Randy were stuntmen and portrayed bodyguards. 

Gold Dust Twins

Randy "The Bullet" & Ricky "Flash" Smith - 1977


Ricky and Randy Smith were named The Gold Dust Twins by Karate Illustrated Magazine in 1977. Ricky was ranked 3rd in the United States and 10th in the World in Professional Kickboxing.  The highlight of Ricky and Randy's exciting career came in 1978 when the double duo won the Double Pro Team (Tag Team) Kickboxing Championship of the World, which was sanctioned by the National Karate Association. This fight is still considered by many as one of the most action-packed bouts in the history of Full  Contact Karate. The twins also fought as super light weights for the world famous undefeated kickboxing team called "The Charlotte Warhawks." Randy had an extremely powerful straight right hand punch and was properly named "The Bullet" after his first opponent fell victim to one of these devastating shots. Ricky had lightning fast hand and feet combinations and was nicknamed "Flash" after knocking out his first opponent in a record setting seventeen seconds. The Gold Dust Twins were two of the most colorful and popular fighters of their era.