2019 Schedule of Events


March 16 - McCall's Bushido Warrior Showdown

Located in Denver, NC at Denver United Methodist Church.  We will be taking the SideKick Karate Buses from Salisbury SideKick Karate Dojo.


June 17-21 & June 24-28 - SideKick Karate Summer Camp

June 29 - Sun & Moon SideKick Karate Test

July 15-19 & July 22-26 - SideKick Karate Summer Camp

August 17 - Karate/White Crane Seminar & Test

Located at SideKick Karate Dojo of Salisbury, NC. with guest instructor, O'Sensei Robert Bowles, highest ranking Shuri-ryu and White Crane Grandmaster in America (direct student and appointed instructor of O'Sensei Robert Trias - Father of American Karate.  Also, Kyoshi Troy Price, founder of Shurite-bujutsu.


October 12 - SideKick Karate Tournament